<Wachigai is Now Reopening!>

After our temporary closure since April, we decide to reopen under the following systems.

Reopen on Friday, June 19, 2020~

Reservation Only: 1 group per private room, we can take only 3 groups per day

Hours: 10am~3:30pm

Close: Every Monday and Tuesday

Visiting only: Ask during business hours

*We might close if there is no reservation on the day. So please inform us before you visit.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope to welcome you soon!


Note: If the situation changes, our operation might change. So please call us before you visit.


​Reservation can be made only by phone. 




  • 玄関口手洗場にて、手洗い・アルコール消毒をお願い致します。

  • お食事されるお部屋以外では、マスクの着用をお願い致します。

  • ​体調のすぐれない方のご入店はご遠慮下さいませ。

About Wachigai

Like when you come back home,Wachigai is the place where you enjoy peaceful and soothing moment away from daily busy days.
This transitional house, built with typical Kyofu-Machiya (type of architecture design developed in Kyoto) in Edo period, keeps the good old-days ambiance.


The name “Wachigai” is taken after the Yago, the traditional name of the house.
We are really glad to bring passion and excitement back to this house after long absence of people, and to create new life along with tradition, and to you, who come from far away.


When you want to take a rest, please come and feel relax in this warm atmosphere and enjoy the fine local cuisine.



4084, Omachi, Nagano


[By Car]
25Km from Azumino IC. toward Hakuba
Free parking near the restaurant.


[By Train]
From JR Shinjuku

By Azusa Express to Matsumoto, change to JR Oito Line toward Shinano Omachi.

10 min walk from Shinano Omachi Station.

[By Bus]
Take Highway Bus from Shinjuku to Hakuba. 

Get off at Shinano Omachi Station. 

10min walk from Shinano Omachi Station.


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