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"Wachigai" is named after the house owned by Kuribayashi family, who was one of the influential merchants in Omachi City in old days.

The house is more than 120 years old and maintained beautifully by the family, yet the house became empty as the time goes by.

In 2005, this house revived as a restaurant "Wachigai" to serve dishes made with local ingredients inherited for years in this area.

The architecture of the house still maintained as the one from Meiji era and four unique rooms offer different moods to visitors.

Our mission is to deliver locally produced ingredients, vegetables, and stories, such as culture, people, and history, behind those foods.


Wachigai creates original recipes with inspiration by inherited local cuisine, and pays attention to quality of ingredients.

As this area does not access to the sea, any sea food brought to Omachi from Niigata were very valuable so that they were served for very special occasion, such as festivals or having visitors. 

Kuribayashi family, owner of Wachigai house, inherited special recipes to serve at festival, and Wachigai got ideas from them into Omatsuri Gozen.   

Therefore, Omatsuri Gozen is a variety of dishes which you can touch the food culture of Nagano.


Also, Wachigai serves Wachigai Zaza, original needle made with 100% local unbleached flour, and Omachi Kurobuta, which are raised in local natural environment.


​Moreover, there are 3 local Sake breweries in Omachi, and you can taste different types of Sake through tasting set.​​


In the second floor of Wachigai, there is a gallery.

There are pieces made by local artists who are inspired by the great nature of Northern Alps, products made with Washi (Japanese hand-made paper) , and various souvenirs.

​Most of them are on sale, so you can find unique souvenirs.

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