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In downtown of Omachi, where Wachigai is located, there are lots of Machiya architecture buildings which built about 100 years ago. Some buildings are still used, but others are not. Today, those buildings have been transformed and have different purposes for this town. 

Walk around Wachigai, and find corners where still remains histories and cultures.

Cooking Experience

To enrich your stay in Japan, so we are conducting Traditional Cooking Experience in English. You can actually touch the local ingredients and learn how to cook authentic Japanese dishes

You can learn our original recipes such as dishes using "Shinshu Salmon" and "Korimochi" which are popular among the menus.

It will be an experience limited to winter.

​Reservations can be made from the dedicated site.


Recommended Places


Ichinoya Sake Brewery

Established in 1865, Ichinoya has been brewing fine Sake used local rice and pure water from mountains. You can also find very old and big architecture of Machiya.



The building had been used for salt merchant for a long time during Edo period. Now it transformed into a museum which introduce histories and cultures about Shionomichi (Salt Road) .

​You can enjoy tea with a  view of beautiful Japanese garden.



The building had been used for warehouse to install hemp and linen, which produced in Miasa area.  Today, the building is used as a gallery for local artists. Also workshops and music events are held.


Izura Souvenir Shop

Izura Souvenir Shop sells a variety of souvenirs. Those are locally produced and unique to this area, such as Oyaki or wooden products. The lineup of souvenirs from Omachi is the most. 


Photo Gallery

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