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You can enjoy Wachigai's original raw thin noodles "Wachigaizaza" at home.


"Wachigaizaza" is an original raw thin noodle made from 100% wheat from Nagano prefecture, which was originally developed so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of the natural blessings of Nagano prefecture.


The wheat used is a blend of carefully selected prefecture-produced local flour grown in clear air.

"Yumeseiki", which is characterized by its chewy texture, "Hanamanten", which produces moderate strength, and stone-ground wheat flour are blended to bring out the original taste and flavor of wheat.


In Shinshu, long noodles were once collectively called "Osaosa", and now they are called "Zaza", and the name "Wachigaizaza" is used.


"Shinano Omachi, the town where water is born"

Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, where the meltwater of the Northern Alps flows.

Please enjoy the rich flavor and throat of "Wachigaizaza" carefully kneaded with pure water.


Comes in a vanity case for various purposes

It can be used for home use, as a gift, and for multiple purposes. If you request wrapping (+150 yen) or Noshi (free), please select from the options.


* Prices include consumption tax.

* Delivery will be frozen.

* Shipping fee varies depending on the quantity ordered and the delivery address.

6 servings

  • Product name: Wachigaizaza Name: Raw udon Ingredient name: Wheat flour (wheat (Nagano prefecture)), salt, gluten / sake spirit, pH regulator Contents: 160g x 6 servings Storage period: Within 6 days when refrigerated * Because of raw noodles Please consume as soon as possible.
    * Please refrain from those with allergies.

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