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You can enjoy Wachigai's original raw thin noodles "Wachigai Zaza" at home.


``Wachigaizaza'' is Wachigai's original thin noodles made from 100% wheat grown in Nagano Prefecture, which we developed ourselves so that you can enjoy the deliciousness of Nagano Prefecture's natural blessings.


The wheat used is a blend of carefully selected local flour grown in the clear air.

It is a blend of ``Yume Seiki'', which is characterized by its chewy texture, ``Hanamanten'', which produces a moderate firmness, and stone-ground flour to bring out the natural flavor and flavor of wheat.


Long noodles in Shinshu used to be called ``Osaosa'' (long noodles), and now they are commonly called ``Zaza'', from which the name ``Wachigai Zaza'' was derived.


Comes with handmade yuzu pepper using locally grown ingredients

The handmade yuzu pepper is produced by Haibaruchanimitoro in Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, which handles everything from growing vegetables in the fields to processing and shipping them. ``Wachigai Zaza'', which is served with yuzu pepper made using only yuzu, green chili peppers, and salt, is a popular dish at Wachigai.
Please take this opportunity to enjoy a dish that brings out the flavor of ``Wachigaizaza'' even more with the refreshing scent of yuzu and the tangy green chili pepper.


“Shinano Omachi, the town where water is born”

Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture, where water from the Northern Alps' melting snow flows.

Please enjoy the rich flavor and smooth texture of ``Wachigaizaza'' carefully prepared with clear water.


Comes in a cosmetic box suitable for various uses

Can be used for multiple purposes, for your home or as a gift. If you would like wrapping (+150 yen) or Noshi (free), please select from the options.


*Prices include consumption tax.

*Delivery will be by cool delivery.

*Shipping costs vary depending on order quantity and delivery destination.

Yuzu Kosho for 6 servings

  • [Witch]
    Name: Raw udon Ingredient name: Wheat flour (wheat (Nagano prefecture)), salt, gluten / liquor, pH regulator Contents: 160g x 6 servings Storage period: Within 6 days when refrigerated

    Manufacturer: Ozawa Noodle Factory 3356 Takami-cho, Omachi-shi, Nagano
    * Because it is raw noodles, please consume as soon as possible.
    * Please refrain from those with allergies.



    [Yuzu Kosho]

    Ingredient name: Yuzu, green pepper, salt Contents: 45g
    How to Save: Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature. After opening, store at 10 ° C or below.
    Manufacturer: Specified non-profit organization Mitoro Create 8040-291 Taira, Omachi City, Nagano Prefecture

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